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About Germany

Germany is Highly Developed & Industrialized Country located in Middle-Western Europe and Member State of the European Union. Germany is considered as a World Power; as it holds economic supremacy. German passport is considered as 3rd Most Powerful Passport in the World.

Germany is European Union’s leading Economy & World’s Fourth Largest Economy after USA, China and Japan. Since Britain’s exit from European Union, Germany has become a popular destination for Migrating Students. Germany is one of the leading countries in Automotive Manufacturing, Innovation, Research, High-End Technologies, Manufacturing, IT & Electronics and Bio-Medicine sector.

Universities in Germany offer highly advanced education at low cost & low level of unemployment gives ample opportunity to earn with study.

Second most popular country in Europe after Russia, and the most popular member state of European Union.

Europe’s most industrialized and populous country. Framed for its technical achievements.

Global leading in Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Engineering, Electronics, IT and Bio-Medical sector.

One of the world’s largest Electronics Components and Car producers.

65% of the highways in Germany (Autobahn) have no speed limit.

Germany is the EU’s largest economy. With a gross GDP of 3.73 trillion USD, and lies 4th place in the world behind US, China and Japan.

Germany’s passport is ranking the joint 3rd Most Powerful in the world in 2021. German passport holders can now visit 188 countries without a VISA.

You can also travel from Germany to other countries whenever you like as there are no checks at the borders within 28 European countries.

Germany is a Transport Hub of the European Union. Geographically, Germany shares borders with popular countries like Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Belgium, Austria, Netherland and Switzerland. Travelling from Germany to these countries within European Union is very convenient.

Around 95% of Population, mostly native speaks German. English is most common Foreign Language in Germany as many as 56% of population speaks & understands English.

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