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Masters in Computer Science in Germany for Indian Students

Germany is known for its public universities that are supported by the government and offer free education (Free Education in Germany).

A degree earned at a German university is accepted all around the world!

Like you, several candidates have arrived in Germany and fulfilled their dreams.

From Ulm, Germany, Albert Einstein (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was born.

Why Study in Germany for a Masters in Computer Science?

Your opportunities of finding employment in your profession are fairly strong because Germany is home to over 100 significant software businesses (including Anydesk, Nero AG, Teamviewer, SAP, Lufthansa Systems, Avira, and Eleks, among others). Germany is a country with a wonderful culture.

Once you complete your study in Germany and have two years of work experience there, you can apply for a PR. All of Germany’s publicly funded universities are open to everyone.

1 – High Demand

Computer science engineers are in high demand right now due to the nation’s expanding economy and the flood of global firms joining the market. Studying MS in Germany can help you get a foot in the door at some of the most prestigious tech companies in the nation and the world.

2 – Affordability

The extremely high salaries offered to postgraduates are one of the most obvious benefits of getting an MS in computer science in Germany.

3 – English Teaching Courses

Many German universities provide a wide range of computer science-related courses. Even though some of these courses are offered in German, more and more universities are also providing courses in English. In addition to the above elements, pursuing a masters degree in computer science in Germany might be a very beneficial choice for Indian Students or international students.

Admission Process for Masters In Computer Science In Germany

To pursue a master’s in computer science in Germany, Indian students or Foreign students must submit a variety of documents and satisfy additional qualifying requirements.

Different deadlines for admissions may also apply to German colleges. The websites of the institutions are good places for applicants to get more details about deadlines, dates, and admission requirements.

Some colleges may have a completely online application procedure, while others might have both.

Courses for Study Computer Science in Germany

Computer Science or Computer Information Technology is the backbone of every economy. To advance your career in Computer Science and Information Technology, German universities offer the following specialisations.

Admission Process for MS in Computer Science in Germany for Indian Students

The MS in Computer Science and Engineering admissions process and application form differ significantly based on the university selected.

Most Universities begin Accepting Applications in Two Phases

  1. Winter Season: Generally, applications expire in January
  2. Summer: Generally, applications close in May

Universities may conduct their processes entirely online or through a mix of offline and online methods, depending on their specific needs. For further details, make sure to check the University website or Contact the best German consultancy in India like ERFOLG Counseling.

German Universities for Masters In Computer Science

The course is four semesters in duration at the majority of German universities (2 years).

The following table includes the name of the University, and Program name. The majority of the following universities offer education in English or a dual language (English & German). However, only a small number of Germany’s top universities provide an MSc in Computer Science with a completely German-language curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because of Germany’s significant investment in research and development to advance this field, Studying Computer Science in Germany can be highly profitable in terms of educational quality.

Another benefit is that even for Indian Students or overseas students, Germany’s MS in computer science tuition is fairly affordable.

If you meet all the requirements, you must submit an application for an MS at one of Germany’s top institutions of higher learning in computer science.
In part, yeah. Students pursuing masters degrees in computer science at most public universities in Germany are exempt from paying tuition. However, there are administrative and semester costs that students must pay.

Yes! Germany has developed as a hub for technical development, and it is especially open to software engineering professionals from around the globe. Additionally, software engineers in Germany receive a high salary that serves as an additional incentive.

One of Germany’s less expensive cities for students in Leipzig. Dresden and Aachen are further affordable choices.
In Germany, a Masters in computer science could take around two years.
In Germany, an MS graduate’s pay ranges from 76,000 EUR to 106,000 EUR.
Yes. While IELTS is not required for admission to study in Germany, it is required that applicants submit proof of their German language proficiency in place of IELTS.

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